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Racket Stringing Companies

The vitally important but unseen people at almost every significant tennis, squash, racquetball or badminton tournament are the racket stringers. Using electronic stringing machines may make their job slightly easier, but a significant amount of training is required to get the standard required by professional and top amateur players.

Top of the range electronic linear pull machines are the preferred choice of most professional racket stringers. Costing several thousand pounds, itís not hard to see how that investment must be paid back by fees charged for the service. Trainees in the business will often learn their racket stringing art on one of the varieties of table top machines.

These are normally of the Drop Weight or Lock-out variety – the latter provides the most consistent string tension. The UK Racket Stringers Association (UKRSA) organises regular racket stringing courses, and also has a recognised certification programme for stringers at different levels of training and competence.

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