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Caving Shops

Caving is sometimes classified as one of the extreme sports, although regular cavers will explain that like many other sports, its safe providing participants have the right equipment. All this is supplied by specialist caving shops that combine traditional outlets with those that sell mainly online. People of all ages take part in this exciting activity that involves exploring underground caves and caverns that few people will ever see.

The caving shops specialise in all the right gear and the staff are usually enthusiastic cavers themselves who are keen to pass on their knowledge and expertise to others. As with all sports the range of equipment is huge, with waterproof clothing, ropes, lights, boots, helmets, knee pads and harnesses just a few of the basics required for safe caving – if any novices are unsure about the right kit, a visit to their local caving shop will soon put them right.

Although modern materials and the latest technology in manufacturing have helped in almost every sport, the caving shops will always advise that common sense, good preparation and the following of important safety rules will nearly always result in a successful underground expedition.