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Lacrosse Shops

The sports of lacrosse can trace its origins back to the 12th century in the Americas, but the modern game is very different to that played so long ago. Commonly played in UK girls independent schools, lacrosse has reached international levels throughout Europe and eastern Asia. Lacrosse shops offer a selection of all the equipment and clothing needed to play the game, from complete lacrosse sticks and helmets to gloves and arm guards.

Sports manufacturing company STX are one of the leading suppliers of equipment to the lacrosse shops, and in addition they make great selections of clothing including t-shirts, shorts and caps. Lacrosse shops can be found in traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ outlets as well as increasingly from shops trading online. Both types of shop are usually staffed by keen players of the game, so they will have tremendous knowledge and advice to give both beginners and established players.

With lacrosse rising in popularity amongst both men and women, it’s not hard to find a club nearby that will welcome new players. Lacrosse shops are great places for knowing where to look for thriving clubs, and often they will have some sort of sponsorship in place for local teams and players.

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