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Jet Ski Shops

Whilst the name Jet Ski is commonly applied to most forms of personal water craft, itís right to acknowledge that the name is actually registered to Kawasaki Heavy Industries. That aside, many other companies such as Yamaha, Bombardier and Polaris manufacture similar models; these normally require the rider to stand or sit whilst manoeuvring the craft for pleasure, or racing around a course.

Many traditional boat dealers will add jet skis to their ranges, although in coastal regions itís not unusual to find specialist jet ski shops. These normally also sell a lot of wetsuits, life jackets and other personal safety equipment, as well as offering servicing facilities. Jet ski dealers can offer buyers extra information on local racing competitions, or on launching areas for those who use jet skis for pleasure. Light and easy to trail behind a car, jet skis appeal to users who perhaps cannot afford the running costs or mooring fees associated with owning a boat.

Buyers can do lots of research online before deciding on their model, and many jet ski dealers can arrange for delivery all over the UK. Some larger jet ski models are suitable for carrying two people, and the more powerful ones can even tow a water skier behind them. Like any water based fast sport, jet ski riders are recommended to find out about the tides and local conditions before setting off.