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The name 'Rapala' is synonymous with fishing lures. Indeed, the company is actually the world's biggest manufacturer of lures and other angling equipment. There are very few angling shops in the UK that don't stock at least a dozen different types of Rapala lures. Many will sell considerably more. The reason for this is quite simply because they have proven to work time and time again. This is why literally dozens of world record catches have been aided by Rapala lures and why the company continues to sell millions of them each year.

The success of Rapala probably has quite a lot to do with the fact that not only do their lures work, but they are objects of beauty that are capable of luring humans just as much as fish! Many anglers are guilty of having an unecessarily large number of Rapala lures in their tackle box - and such is the love of the lures that they could even be considered collectables.

With names like Jigging Shad Rap, Down Deep Husky Jerk, and Skitter Pop, Rapala makes lures for all kinds of different fishing techniques. Loosely arranged into top-running lures, medium diving lures and deep diving lures, the company also makes various tools, accessories and clothing.

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