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Wilson Shops

Wilson sports equipment is amongst some of the most popular gear used in many different sports activities. For the Wilson shops, tennis rackets are probably one of the most widely recognisable products, and the familiar ‘W’ logo can be seen on many leading tennis player’s Wilson rackets. This high profile sponsorship of leading sportsmen and women extends into squash, volleyball, basketball and badminton where Wilson prominently uses their name and logo to raise brand awareness for the Wilson shops.

Wilson golf clubs are considered by many players to be the finest available, and the Wilson shops also sell their footballs, golf balls, tennis rackets and various training equipment for many other sports. The Wilson sports brand is recognised worldwide as strong and reliable - the company spends huge sums of money on research and development and this continuing investment in new technology keeps the Wilson sports name at the forefront, and ensures its continuing popularity in the Wilson shops.

The Wilson sports brand name is synonymous with high quality and reliability. This reputation ensures that customers keep returning to the Wilson shops for more equipment and clothing that also bears the famous trademark. Accessories like golf and sports bags are also important products for Wilson, who offer a great selection of colours and price ranges.

Badminton logo

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Sport Shoes

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