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Daiwa Shops

Whatever your preferred style of fishing: freshwater, inshore, offshore, controlled depth or jetty, Daiwa can be relied on to have exactly the product you’re looking for. Rods, reels and lines are just the beginning. Daiwa shops will sell sometimes hundreds of accessories to ensure that you go out with tackle that is up to the job.

Even just the range of lures produced by Daiwa is mind-boggling. Whilst this can prove rather daunting for the beginner or even amateur angler, the various angling shops located all over the country selling Daiwa fishing gear will be able to point you in the right direction. As well as kit aimed towards the professional - or certainly very serious - angler, Daiwa shops are also likely to sell beginner packs that come with the essentials needed to get started in the sport.

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Such is the popularity of the sport, that there are thousands of fishing shops selling everything you might need. Browse a selection of specialist retailers here.

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