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Disability Sports Equipment

Disability sports are sometimes referred to as adapted sports, and in its broadest sense, covers sports for people who may have physical, mental, permanent or temporary disabilities. Almost no sport is excluded, and with wonderful aids and people to help them, disabled athletes are able to compete and take part in a wide range of sports. With a huge number of disability sports shops from which to purchase equipment, training aids and clothing, itís never been an easier time for disabled people to take part in any sport they wish.

Competition takes place at the highest level in the Paralympic Games that immediately follow the main Olympic Games every four years, but athletes could not undertake this without a huge amount of help and support that exists in so many countries, to help them achieve their personal goals. Disability sports shops can all help to advise competitors on equipment they may need, as well as put them in touch with clubs and coaches in their particular areas.

Whether a disabled person wants to ski, sail, skateboard, swim, shoot or partake in any one of hundreds of other sports, they will find all the help they need from disabled associations, disability sports shops or even their local sports centre, tennis club or running track – their disability should not preclude them from taking part in almost anything they want to.