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Boxing Shops

Boxing is probably the highest profile of all the sports that come under the classification of combat sports. Whilst there are many styles of boxing throughout the world, English Boxing is the one most seen on our TV screens. There are many specialist online and traditional boxing shops that have been set up to supply all of the equipment and clothing required by organisers and participants in the sport.

Amateur boxers, who must always wear protective head gear, may go on to become professionals and emulate their heroes such as Muhammad Ali. The boxing shops can supply all of their requirements from gloves, footwear, shorts and vests as well as the training equipment needed for those just beginning the sport. Youngsters will often start with a punch ball on a stand – these can be seen in toy shops as well as the specialist boxing shops - and then progress onto larger punch bags.

Many females participate in the sport, and the boxing shops can all supply fashionable equipment such as pink punch bags and gloves to match. As in all sports, fitness is a key to success, and the boxing shops can also offer skipping ropes and other items to aid the development of key hand, arm and stomach muscles.

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