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Sailing Shops

Keen sailors can set sail on almost any stretch of water, whether itís an inland waterway, tidal estuary or at sea, so itís no surprise that sailing shops are situated all over the UK to cater for this incredibly popular sport. From the tiniest of sailing dinghies to the most sophisticated Americaís Cup boats, sailing can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, and with all budgets. Sailing shops will sell their customers any piece of equipment or accessory they need, from whole boats to simple shackles, or replacement sails to power winches.

Many sailing shops can organise sailing lessons, or know of a club that novices can join to learn this exciting sport. Enthusiasts say that using the varying wind strengths and directions to get a sailing boat to go exactly where they want, is a huge challenge and thrill. Sailing clothing is a very important consideration, and sailing shops will usually offer a big choice to suit all pockets.

Sailing life jackets have improved considerably, and lightweight versions that allow greater freedom of movement are amongst the sailing shops most popular items. Larger yachts that cross seas or oceans require sophisticated navigation equipment, and sailing shops can offer an enormous choice of GPS systems, compasses and night vision binoculars to help sail in safety.