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Sports Wholesale Suppliers

The retail sports shops are well supported by a large and comprehensive selection of sports wholesalers. Some of them specialise in clearance items from all the major sports manufacturers who want to clear their warehouses ahead of new seasonal supplies arriving. Whilst this is an important sector of the sports market, many smaller retailers cannot afford to buy direct from the manufacturers and will use the sporting wholesalers to enable them to buy more often, but in much smaller quantities.

Some sport wholesalers will specialise in stock from a few major brands, and they are able to offer their retail customers great continuity of supply in ranges, colours and sizes. They are also useful for sports shops to be able to try a certain range before they fully commit to it. With sophisticated stock control and ordering systems, the retailers can often order from the sports wholesaler via the internet or telephone, and get delivery the next day.

Major sporting brands use the sports wholesalers as an efficient and low cost way to distribute their goods to the thousands of internet based and traditional sports shops, and whether they urgently need the latest footwear, football strip or the newest ‘must have’ accessory, wholesalers are there to fulfil this important function.

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