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Bowls Shops

Perceived by many people to be an older persons sport, nothing could be further from the truth, as bowls is played by teenagers right through to people in their nineties! Great skill is required in this non contact sport, and many years of practise can be needed to get it right. Bowls shops are located all over the UK, and are often staffed by keen bowls players who are always keen to give advice to new players about the right footwear, clothing and other equipment.

As with all sports, there’s a massive amount of different equipment and clothing available to purchase through hundreds of traditional and online bowls shops. The right footwear is very important, as the sport is often played outdoors on immaculate lawns that have a lot of care and attention lavished upon them. There are many indoor bowls centres that will all be laid with special indoor bowling carpets which have the right texture and markings.

With expensive bowls to look after, there’s a great selection of specially designed bags available which not only store the equipment, but clothing and shoes too. If players want some new bowls or equipment, they can rely on the hundreds of bowls shops to advise and sell them the correct things. Played all over the world, bowls is truly an international game with many countries competing in the World Championships that are held every four years.

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