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With so many different items of sports clothing and brands to choose from, we know that tracking down the right products at the right prices can be difficult. Many products can be purchased from the traditional High Street shops, but this directory helps you to search the whole of the UK to discover some of those ‘hard to find’ items.

Our choice of specialist sport categories can help all customers narrow down their searches. With a constantly expanding specialist sports shops database, it’s worth checking back regularly to get the latest information.

Abseiling Icon

Whilst climbing shops typically sell the major abseiling equipment, there are times when you may need something more specialised.

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American Football Icon
American Football

Fast gaining popularity in the UK, American Football is here to stay and these shops stock all the kit you will require.

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Archery Icon

A huge number of specialist archery shops have evolved to feed the passion of the men and women that love to compete. Find them here.

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Athletics Icon

See our run-down of some of the best traditional and online athletics sports shops.

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Badminton Icon

Whether you're looking for badminton clothing, rackets or other accessories, you should be able to find them all at these specialist shops.

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Baseball Icon

Played all over the world and becoming more popular in the UK, a large number of baseball shops cater for the needs of the hundreds of thousands of active players.

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Basketball Icon

Many basketball shops have evolved that specialise in selling equipment and clothing for the increasing numbers of players. Browse our selection here.

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Bodybuilding Icon

Many sports shops sell a selection of bodybuilding equipment that can be used in the home and have adapting folding mechanisms.

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Bowls Icon

Bowls shops are located all over the UK - and are often staffed by keen players who can advise on the right equipment.

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Boxing Icon

Numerous online boxing shops have been set up to supply all of the equipment and clothing required. See our selection here.

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Bridge Icon

Whilst most bridge shops will also sell a selection of other card games, some of these shops have amazing ranges of specific bridge equipment available.

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Canoeing Icon

Canoeing shops are generally at their busiest during the fine summer weather, but these retailers trade all year round.

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Caving Icon

It's crucial that caving participants have the right equipment - and this can be supplied by these specialist caving shops.

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Climbing Icon

Serious climbers of all ages will visit their local climbing shops to get the latest kit. Find your local retailer here.

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Cricket Icon

Purchasers of cricket kit are spoilt for choice whether buying from traditional cricket shops or those who trade purely on the internet. See our selection of stores here.

See all cricket sport shops >>
Cycling Icon

Cycling is a highly popular sport - and this is great news for consumers who get to choose from many cycling shops - including these.

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Dance Icon

There are are hundreds of dance shops selling equipment for music, clothing and routines.

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Darts Icon

Such is the popularity of darts, there are many specialist darts shops that cater for all abilities. Find some of the best ones here.

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Disability Icon

With a large number of sports shops selling equipment designed for disabled sports people, it's never been easier to take part in any sport.

See all disability sport shops >>
Diving Icon

These diving shops all stock the very latest specialist equipment needed.

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Equestrian Icon

Equestrian shops don't just supply the top riders - many of the ones listed here also cater for beginner and amateur riders too.

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Extreme Icon

Whilst many extreme sports require minimal equipment - these retailers sell exactly the type of kit that you're likely to need.

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Fencing Icon

Many fencing shops throughout the UK are able to supply combatants with every piece of equipment and clothing they could ever need.

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Fishing Icon

Such is the popularity of the sport, that there are thousands of fishing shops selling everything you might need. Browse a selection of specialist retailers here.

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Football Icon

Footballs, boots, team shirts and much more can be found on our dedicated football sports shop page.

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General Icon

General sports shops usually stock a good selection of equipment and clothing for most of the popular sports. Find a good range here.

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Golf Icon

As well as the golf professional shop at many courses, specialist golf shops can also be found in most towns and cities, Check out our listers here.

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Guns Icon

Whilst controlled by strict laws, shooting is a hobby practised by millions of people all over the country. Find shops selling air rifles and other equipment here.

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Gymnastics Icon

These gymnastics shops are highly specialist in nature - and will be able to help you comply with all the complex rules in competition.

See all gymnastics sport shops >>
Hockey Icon

The best hockey shops keep good selections of all the sticks, balls, protective equipment and clothing that you will need. Find some here.

See all hockey sport shops >>
Ice Hockey Icon
Ice Hockey

There are a growing number of traditional and online ice hockey shops to cater for the growing demands from players and spectators.

See all ice hockey sport shops >>
Ice Skating Icon
Ice Skating

Ice Skating has become more popular as several different ice sports are televised on a number of TV channels.

See all ice skating sport shops >>
Jet Ski Icon
Jet Ski

Jet ski dealers can offer buyers extra information on local racing competitions, or on launching areas for those who use jet skis for pleasure.

See all jet ski sport shops >>
Keep Fit Icon
Keep Fit

Keeping fit has never been more popular - and there are thousands of keep fit shops situated all over the UK.

See all keep fit sport shops >>
Kitesurfing Icon

Commonly described as a cross between windsurfing, wakeboarding and paragliding, kitesurfing requires great physical strength and stamina.

See all kitesurfing sport shops >>
Lacrosse Icon

Lacrosse shops can be found in traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ outlets as well as from shops trading online. Find them here.

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Martial Arts Icon
Martial Arts

Karate, judo, kickboxing and taekwondo are just a few of the sports that these martial arts shops cater for.

See all martial arts sport shops >>
Mountain Biking Icon
Mountain Biking

Mountain bike shops are some of the most popular and prolific sports shops in the UK. See a great selection of them here.

See all mountain biking sport shops >>
Mountaineering Icon

Whilst mountaineering is considered by many people to be the most dangerous activity on earth, having the right equipment and training helps to minimise the risks. These shops can help enthusiasts.

See all mountaineering sport shops >>
Netball Icon

Played by over 20 million people, it’s no wonder that there are so many netball shops spread all over the UK.

See all netball sport shops >>
Paintballing Icon

The best selections of equipment can be found in online paintballing shops, although many traditional sports stores offer a selection of apparatus and clothing to get fans started.

See all paintballing sport shops >>
Racket Stringing Icon
Racket Stringing

The vitally important but unseen people at almost every significant tennis, squash, racquetball or badminton tournament are the racket stringers.

See all racket stringing sport shops >>
Rowing Icon

Rowing shops have evolved to take account of the surge in the sports popularity. Find some excellent online retailers here.

See all rowing sport shops >>
Rugby Icon

These rugby shops all keep up to date with the latest team colours, protective equipment and other specialist rugby equipment.

See all rugby sport shops >>
Running Icon

These specialist running shops have been set up to supply clothing, accessories and expert advice for runners of all abilities.

See all running sport shops >>
Sailing Icon

There are numerous sailing shops situated all over the UK to cater for this incredibly popular sport. Find some here.

See all sailing sport shops >>
Skateboarding Icon

The skateboarding shops listed here sell a fantastic selection of decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and clothing.

See all skateboarding sport shops >>
Skiing Icon

Skis, bindings, ski boots and ski poles are just some of the products stocked by these specialist ski shops.

See all skiing sport shops >>
Snooker & Pool Icon
Snooker & Pool

These specialist snooker shops sell everything to do with snooker - from a full size table to a pack of cue chalk.

See all snooker & pool sport shops >>
Snowboarding Icon

These snowboarding shops offer big choices of equipment and clothing, often made by some of the big-name sports brands.

See all snowboarding sport shops >>
Sport Shoes Icon
Sport Shoes

Browse our selection of sport shoe retailers that offer literally thousands of different brands and styles.

See all sport shoes sport shops >>
Sports Clinics Icon
Sports Clinics

With a marked trend in the number of people in the UK that participate in some form of sport, it’s no surprise that the number of sports clinics is also rising.

See all sports clinics sport shops >>
Sports Clubs Icon
Sports Clubs

Many sports clubs can also offer coaching facilities to their members, and even rental of equipment to newcomers who want to try a sport for the first time.

See all sports clubs sport shops >>
Sports Coaches & Instructors Icon
Sports Coaches & Instructors

There are thousands of sports instructors all over the UK, so wherever you live, and whatever sports you choose, a sports coach is not far away.

See all sports coaches & instructors sport shops >>
Sports Sunglasses & Eyewear Icon
Sports Sunglasses & Eyewear

The retailers shown here all sell specialist sports sunglasses and other high quality eyewear.

See all sports sunglasses & eyewear sport shops >>
Sports Supplements Icon
Sports Supplements

Sports supplements are widely used as effective and legal aids to boost performance. Find shops selling them here.

See all sports supplements sport shops >>
Sports Trophies Icon
Sports Trophies

There isn't a sports club or school in the country that doesn’t need a regular supply of trophies for their sporting competitions. Find shops stocking them here.

See all sports trophies sport shops >>
Sports Wholesalers Icon
Sports Wholesalers

Retail sports shops are well supported by a comprehensive selection of sports wholesalers. See some of them here.

See all sports wholesalers sport shops >>
Sportswear & Teamwear Icon
Sportswear & Teamwear

Looking for clothing for your chosen sport? Check out our selection of specialist sports clothing shops here.

See all sportswear & teamwear sport shops >>
Squash Icon

There are plenty of squash shops supplying everything needed for this physical and competitive sport. See lots here.

See all squash sport shops >>
Surfing Icon

Devon and Cornwall has the greatest concentration of surfing shops, but our selection includes retailers from all over the country.

See all surfing sport shops >>
Swimming Icon

There are hundreds of swimming shops to cater for this mass market - and we have them neatly categorised here.

See all swimming sport shops >>
Table Tennis Icon
Table Tennis

Blades, scoring equipment, table tennis clothing and even instructional DVDs can be purchased from these specialist shops.

See all table tennis sport shops >>
Tennis Icon

Tennis shops are always their busiest in the UK when Wimbledon takes place - but these shops are busy all year round.

See all tennis sport shops >>
Trampolining Icon

Whether you're looking for professional trampolining equipment or just an affordable garden bounce-around, it's well worth checking out these specialist retailers.

See all trampolining sport shops >>
Triathlon Icon

Triathlon shops are usually able to offer their customers a superb selection of swimming, cycling and running equipment at a wide variety of prices to suit all budgets.

See all triathlon sport shops >>
Walking, Hiking & Camping Icon
Walking, Hiking & Camping

There are many dedicated walking and hiking shops all over the UK that all sell everything a walker could need. Find some of them here.

See all walking, hiking & camping sport shops >>
Weightlifting Icon

The staff in weightlifting shops will all be able to advise customers not only about the right type of equipment, but also on the correct way to use it.

See all weightlifting sport shops >>
Windsurfing Icon

Specialist retailers offer an endless selection of gear, and some of them will hire equipment for you to try before you buy.

See all windsurfing sport shops >>