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Specialist Triathlon Shops

Triathlon events are commonly accepted as being a combination of swimming, cycling and running, always in that order; regional variations can also include other sporting disciplines. Fitness routines vary for each sport, and a number of UK based triathlon shops usually offer unlimited advice for participants, as well as all the right equipment and clothing for competing athletes.

The correct nutrition during triathlon events is also incredibly important, and specialist shops can usually offer a great choice. These include energy bars, gels, protein shakes and energy drinks to keep the athletes at peak condition during the gruelling triathlon events. For the swimming section athletes need a good quality wetsuit to keep them warm in cold water, whilst the sky is the limit in terms of money that can be spent on cycles and accessories. Runners need a good combination of base and top layers to ensure they keep warm during varying conditions.

Triathlon gear must be also easy to swap between events, as the time taken during the changeover is also included in the overall final time total. By focussing on the three main disciples, triathlon shops are usually able to offer their customers a superb selection of swimming, cycling and running equipment at a wide variety of prices to suit all budgets.

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