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Diving Shops

There are many specialist diving shops that cater for this popular sport. Largely unseen and un-noticed by the vast majority of people, divers spend hours on end exploring sea beds, coral and rock formations, or even lying in wait to catch an unsuspecting fish for the next meal! Diving normally takes the form of scuba diving with air cylinders, or snorkel diving for shorter bursts underwater, and the diving shops will generally sell all the specialist equipment and clothing thatís needed.

Most kids will be given a mask, snorkel and some fins during a trip to the seaside, and this first introduction to the amazing underwater world will encourage many of them to take up diving as a sport in later life. The diving shops sell sophisticated dry suits that allow divers to spend hours underwater whatever the temperature. Safety of course is paramount, and the diving shops all sell the gear needed for secure diving.

Many diving shops have set up online, and these mix well with the traditional shops that are all around the UKís coastline. Diving shops can generally put interested people in touch with diving schools or clubs that will exchange the latest information on techniques and technological advances in diving equipment.

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