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Fencing Shops

Fencing is an ancient sport with its roots being traced back to the 16th century, and is also one of only four sports that have been played at every one of the modern Olympic Games. In its broadest meaning, fencing can be described a family of sports that can also include the use of swords bayonets, knives or clubs. Hundreds of fencing shops throughout the UK, whether traditional or online, are able to supply combatants with every piece of equipment and clothing they could ever need.

Three main types of weapon are now used for competitions – foil, sabre or epée, each having their own set of rules covering their use in a contest. Most people taking up the sport of fencing will have tried it at school, university or one of the hundreds of clubs all over the country, many of which will be supported by a local fencing shop. Apart from the weapons, these fencing shops also sell the all important protective clothing, masks and footwear, as well as a great choice of bags to keep all the gear safely stored.

Lots of the fencing shops will also be able to offer their customers books and DVD’s about the sport, as well as being able to supply club and scoring equipment, in addition to offering accessories and spare parts for important repairs.