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Giant Bike Shops

Whilst there is much debate on the subject, Taiwanese company Giant are reportedly the largest manufacturers in the world of quality bicycles. Truly a global supplier, there are over 10,000 Giant shops and dealers around the world, with many of them located in the UK. With a broad spread of cycle types and styles, it’s no surprise that Giant is so accepted amongst competitive and leisure cyclists all over the world. Online and traditional Giant cycle shops benefit from this popularity, and sell increasing numbers every year.

With a self proclaimed vision of becoming ‘The Best Bicycle Company in the World’, Giant invests huge sums of money into research and development of new materials and manufacturing methods. This helps to ensure that Giant shops have the very best and latest developments to sell to their customers. Competition is huge however, and many other cycle suppliers are fighting for every sale.

Giant shops have seen their sales increase during the construction of cycle tracks in busy towns which has been a priority for many councils in the UK. This in turn has helped to fuel the interest and increase in cycle sales as more and more people recognise the health and cost benefits of cycling.

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Cycling is a highly popular sport - and this is great news for consumers who get to choose from many cycling shops - including these.

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