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Sports Helmets

The wearing of helmets for a whole range of sports is an important part of body protection, especially amongst the extreme sports fanatics. Kayaking, cycling, wind-surfing, jet skiing, snowboarding and snow skiing are just a small selection of the sports that require the use of a helmet, and these considerably vary in design for each different sport.

The most important part of all designs is to offer adequate protection depending on the type of accident that may occur. Cycling helmets for example need to allow the ears reasonably free for the rider to hear what’s going on around them, whilst motorcyclists or racing drivers require full head protection for a variety of possible impacts. Recent innovations have including sports helmets to which a small camera can be fitted – these are great for recording an awesome wave, ride or jump.

Many sports helmets even come wired with communication systems that an instructor can use during training sessions, or others, especially for kids can be supplied in a wide range of colours or even sporting a favourite TV or film character. Whether you’re a skateboarder, keep goal for the local ice hockey team, or a regular cricket batsman you’ll need a sports helmet!

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