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Upgrade to an Enhanced Listing

Listings on Sports Shop UK are completely free-of-charge - although Enhanced Listers enjoy considerable advantages over Medium Listers. Here's how...

1.) Prominence of listing
Enhanced Listers receive a logo and short description on their chosen category page, whereas Medium Listers have a simple text listing.

2.) Height of listing
Enhanced Listers go above Medium Listers on all category and location pages. This greatly increases the number of people that click on the listers' profiles.

3.) Website link
Enhanced Listers benefit from a link to their website; perfect for increasing the number of visitors to their website.

4.) Social media links
As well as getting a link to their website, Enhanced Listers can link to all of their social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.

5.) Discount codes
Enhanced Listers have the opportunity to promote their discount codes on this website.

6.) Homepage feature
Enhanced Listers receive an initial boost when they join our directory by being promoted for a short time in our "Recently Added Sports Shops" box that appears on our homepage. This typically drives a very large amount of traffic to their website.

7.) Featured in our 'Sports Suppliers' section
Enhanced listers are able to tell our readers which suppliers they like the most. By doing do, their listing will also be featured on the profile page of that supplier.

8.) More information on profile pages
Enhanced Listers benefit from being able to advertise more information about themselves on their profile page. This helps to build trust with potential customers and can lead to a greater number of referrals.

9.) Testimonials
Any Enhanced lister that provides us with a testimonial not only appears on our comments page, but is also featured on our homepage from time-to-time.

Upgrading is fast and free. All we require is a link back to us...

1.) on your homepage
2.) via text (not a logo)
3.) in the middle of a paragraph
4.) pointing to your favourite page on our site
5.) using relevant words/phrases
6.) nearer the top of the page than the bottom

Simply email us with your upgrade request and we will respond with details of how to proceed.